[Mageia-sysadm] possibility to add a package in basesystem-minimal? (long)

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Wed Nov 9 19:28:08 CET 2011

Jerome Quelin skrev 9.11.2011 19:23:
> On 11/11/09 19:20 +0200, Thomas Backlund wrote:
>> (Shouldn't this have been on -dev as it's not a -sysadm issue...)
> well, it's more impacting build system rather than development, but if
> you prefer, i can forward to -dev.

Well, anything changing basesystem-minimal impacts all. iurt chroots, 
endusers, what ends up on isos, and so on...
>>> ** 4. update basesystem-minimal to ship perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker
>>> this way, no need to add a buildrequires for the modules. they all get
>>> the new build tool, and therefore will generate the MYMETA files.
>> So this would add around 9MB of rpm size by adding theese:
> wow. i did not considered this (which is also why i sent to -sysadm).
> said like this, it might be that option "add a buildrequires" would be
> better - isn't it?

Well, I didn't check how many of those rpms end up on an normal install,
or on the isos so the "real" impact might be smaller.


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