[Mageia-sysadm] New hardware for mageia servers

Damien Lallement mageia at damsweb.net
Mon Oct 3 14:27:45 CEST 2011

Le 01/10/2011 19:24, nicolas vigier a écrit :
> Hello,
> Here is a summary of all hardware that we should buy for next trip to
> Marseille datacenter.
> [...]
> - new disk to replace failing disks on ecosse and on valstar, and 2 new
>    disks for build nodes (raid1 for system fs, raid0 for build filesystem
>    for improved performances), and a disk for the ARM board :
>    2TB (valstar) + 1TB * 4 =>  169.99 + 4 * 84.99 = 509.95 euros
>    http://www.materiel.net/disque-dur-3-5-pouces/western-digital-re4-s-ata-2-to-64-mo-52965.html
>    http://www.materiel.net/disque-dur-3-5-pouces/western-digital-re4-s-ata-1-to-64-mo-62975.html
>    WD RE4 drives are more expensive than Caviar Black, but seems to be
>    better if we want less disk failures.

Remember that WD Caviar Black are guaranteed for 5 years. I will send 
them back to WD. So we will have new Caviar Black for spare.

> - backup server : we need a server with a lot of disk space, to save
>    data from other servers. Fast CPU or a lot of ram is not needed on
>    this server.
>    dams suggested buying this server :
>    http://configure.euro.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?oc=sv4r415&c=fr&l=fr&s=bsd&cs=frbsdt1&model_id=poweredge-r415
>    899 euros
>    adding :
>      * Redundant power supply (132 euros)
>      * 4 * 1TB disks (4 * 332 euros)
>    Total: 2 261 euros
>    So total is quite expensive. An other solution could be to buy a cheap
>    computer that one of us keep at home/office, doing remote backups. Or
>    maybe we can find someone to donate a server, so that we only need to
>    buy disks for the server. Maybe we can ask for hardware donations for
>    this server on mageia-dev and/or blog ?

Not expensive for my POV as is a new brand machine: if it fails in the 
first years, no need to buy spare and go to Marseille! Renting a server 
for the same time than the guarantee will cost the same (or even better 
as GB are really expensive when renting) thing for a single "rent".

> - server for packagers, to host VMs used to test package builds. This
>    needs to be a fast server, with a lot of RAM. Should we buy an
>    expensive server for this now ? Or wait until we have more money, or
>    someone donate a server for this ? Or rent a server at 60 euros /
>    month on online.net ?

A guy from the community offer to rent
Can it suit packagers need (local build machine)?
If not enough for packagers build test machine, we know that we will 
have this "dedibox" available for something else!
If no need, we will put the 35€ per month on a other expense.

Damien Lallement
Treasurer of Mageia.Org

twitter: damsweb - IRC: damsweb/coincoin

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