[Mageia-sysadm] Unable to subscribe to vger.kernel.org lists with mageia alias

Pascal Terjan pterjan at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 08:40:01 CEST 2011

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 05:41, Anssi Hannula <anssi at mageia.org> wrote:
> Hi!
> I don't seem to get response from majordomo when trying to subscribe to
> the mailing lists at vger.kernel.org with my @mageia.org address.
> If someone wants to checks the logs or something, last time I tried was
> on 2011-10-25 16:07 UTC, so the response should've happened shortly
> (0-30min) after that, from majordomo at vger.kernel.org.

The mail arrived on zarb and was passed to alamut:

Oct 24 18:07:49 ryu postfix/smtp[28554]: 6CFF21CA90D:
to=<anssi at mageia.org>, relay=alamut.mageia.org[2a02:2178:2:7::2]:25,
delay=3.8, delays=0.02/0/3.6/0.22, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (250 2.0.0
Ok: queued as 0302146950)

Where it amavis blocked it:

Oct 24 18:07:44 alamut postgrey[1994]: action=pass, reason=client
whitelist, client_name=ryu.zarb.org, client_address=2002:d455:9e16::1,
sender=Majordomo-Owner at vger.kernel.org, recipient=anssi at mageia.org
Oct 24 18:07:45 alamut amavis[22090]: (22090-12) Blocked SPAM,
[IPv6:2002:d455:9e16::1] []
<Majordomo-Owner at vger.kernel.org> -> <anssi.hannula at iki.fi>,
quarantine: spam-EgrHXNquOzKm.gz, Message-ID:
<S932959Ab1JXQHk/20111024160740Z+149 at vger.kernel.org>, mail_id:
EgrHXNquOzKm, Hits: 7.058, size: 1985, 1220 ms
Oct 24 18:07:45 alamut postfix/smtp[25200]: 125B846953:
to=<anssi.hannula at iki.fi>, orig_to=<anssi at mageia.org>,
relay=[]:10025, delay=1.5, delays=0.23/0/0/1.2,
dsn=2.5.0, status=sent (250 2.5.0 Ok, id=22090-12,

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