[Mageia-sysadm] Report from Marseille trip

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Sat Feb 11 00:33:11 CET 2012


now FOSDEM is over, I have no excuse to avoid sending that mail.
So here is a quick report from the work we did at Marseille, on the

So as planned, we arrived on 01/02, with the 2 news servers, the arm
board, the disk and the rest, and went back on 20/02 evening ( almost at
the last moment ).

In the 2 days, we managed to :
- reinstall ecosse and jonund on new drives ( ssd + 2 harddrive in raid
1 for less downtime ) ( and discover various
- upgrade alamut ( and fix upgrade issues ) to mageia 1
- upgrade valstar ( and fix upgrade issues ) to mageia 1
- mount the arm boards, with SATA hard drive, on a power unit from pc
( and also setup the network etc )
- rack sucuk and fiona
- puppetified everything

we plugged the admin card of sukuk ( as ) on fiona, and
the one of alamut on jonund ( default ip, forgot to take a note ).

Among the fun issues we faced, we have seen that :
- ecosse sata controller is faulty, we can plug only 2 disks ( and we
lost several hours on this )
- typing halt on the first arm board stop the 2nd one, likely some
issues due to the creative hack used with pc power unit
- no more free slot on the switch we used, so we had to use the zarb one
( and there is a broken/misconfigured port on it )
- there is a red light on valstar, without reason
- faced various issues with catalyst applications on upgrade, for
templates search path ( boklm have more information )
- missing xymon on mageia 1

- see if we can manage network from puppet, to ease reinstallation ( and
not forget default gw, and various dns issues, etc )
- incorporate sucuk ( packagers ) and fiona ( backup )
- do something with the 2 arm board ( ie, setup iurt and the rest of the
BS )
- make sure we assign reverse ip for the 2 new servers
- name the 2 arm board
- upgrade rabbit ( but more about it in another mail )
- upgrade champagne and krampouezh

and likely some others things that I forgot ( but that I hope others
didn't ).

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