[Mageia-sysadm] Backups on fiona.mageia.org

Thierry Vignaud thierry.vignaud at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 18:58:13 CET 2012

On 20 February 2012 20:13, nicolas vigier <boklm at mars-attacks.org> wrote:
> Now we need to select the tools that we want to use for backups.
> I think those tools are interesting :
> rsnapshot - http://rsnapshot.org/ :
> tools based on rsync, keeping multiple backups with hardlinks between
> unmodified files to save space. It's simple to setup and is working
> well.

- save disk with several backups
- not compressed,
- create zillions of inodes (hard links) that use to make fsck eat
quite a lot of RAM

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