[Mageia-sysadm] New Bugzilla maintainer?

D.Morgan dmorganec at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 15:31:12 CEST 2012

On Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 8:29 PM, nicolas vigier <boklm at mars-attacks.org> wrote:
> On Mon, 11 Jun 2012, Marja van Waes wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Frédéric Buclin is willing to become our new Bugzilla maintainer :)
>> D. Morgan said he is not against that, and that we could talk about it
>> today.
>> A bit more about Frédéric (LpSolit) for who doesn't know him:
>> He maintains GCC Bugzilla, is part of the upstream Bugzilla team and has
>> always been very willing to help us with advice on Bugzilla issues.
>> Frédéric has explained that his offer is only valid if he can use the
>> upstream code from bzr, not the Bugzilla RPM. If that's not possible, then
>> he is not interested in maintaining it, because, in his words: "A RPM is
>> always behind, has its own hacks, and upstream patches cannot be applied as
>> is."
>> I told him I can understand something like our different setup (see the
>> .spec of our Bugzilla package) wouldn't make life easier: he'd have to be
>> aware when working on the Mageia Bugzilla and forget when working on GCC
>> bugzilla or doing things upstream.
>> He then added:
>> "Not only that, but every time we update the Bugzilla RPM, customizations
>> made to Mageia Bugzilla would be lost, while bzr is able to apply changes
>> without altering customizations (unless they heavily conflict, of course)."
>> I asked Nicolas about sysadmin policies that might apply and he answered
>> that there isn't a rule for everything, but that things are discussed on
>> the ml before being done.
> You are only quoting a small part of what I said. I also said I don't
> think we should stop using an RPM package to setup the bugzilla.
> I think we should continue using puppet and an RPM package to setup our
> bugzilla :
>  - Current setup is working fine, and puppet or RPM is not what is
>   blocking upgrade I think. What is (or was) blocking upgrade is update
>   of our bugzilla templates to bugzilla 4 (already done by dmorgan
>   4 months ago), and testing in a VM to test database migration and check
>   that everything is still working. We could have done the upgrade 4 months
>   ago, but it was decided to wait after Mageia 2 release to avoid adding
>   problems just before release.
>  - We already have a package for bugzilla in Mageia maintained by Olav,
>   and it is not behind, it is the latest stable release.
>  - We can apply upstream patches in the package if needed
>  - Local customizations are lost when we update the package, but I think
>   we don't want local customizations on the server. If we need
>   customizations we can add them as a patch to the package. And I think
>   it should be possible to maintain that patch using bzr. We can use a
>   custom package for our bugzilla if necessary.
>  - Using our package helps find problems in the package, which should
>   also benefits to other users of the package on Mageia.
> But help from Frédéric is welcome to improve Mageia bugzilla, give
> advices, patches, plugins, etc ... And should be easier once we have
> migrated to version 4.2. Maybe we can setup a VM to help testing of
> bugzilla changes before they are applied to the server. Or use vagrant
> or other similar tool.

having this would be the best. I was thinking about a permanent VM
that would allow us to do tests before pushing in production (
something like bugstest.mageia.org )

would allow to test new versions, template changes, ...

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