[Mageia-sysadm] updating sysadmin privileges in forum config

Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Wed Mar 21 20:09:35 CET 2012

On 21/03/2012 14:57, Romain d'Alverny wrote:
> Hi there (xpost sysadmins and forums-discuss lists),
> following the steps in
> https://ml.mageia.org/l/arc/council/2012-03/msg00115.html I'm going to
> update the forums groups for sysadmin members. The culprit is that
> it's not in sync with LDAP so far, so it's to be manually updated.
It's already been done for all sysadmins who asked for it or simply 
needed that at least once.

And they not only were put as administrator but also as forum-founders.

That's why you're able to do this privileges update... i did set you 
forum-founder and that's in the straight line of what's already been 
done from the beginning.

For LDAP technical sync i already explained that we could use Talend 
Jobs to get privileges and roles from LDAP and push them to the forum 
without needing a heavy code change. Once per day or once per hour or 
triggered on LDAP change...

> Targetted situation:
>   - forum _technical_ management people =>  sysadmin (includes updating
> the code base, reviewing and applying patches)
>   - forum administration (roles, configuration, all that can be done
> through the Web interface, interfacing with sysadmin) =>  someone still
> to step up

I already explained that separating these roles would bring no good... a 
pure "interface forum admin" is an emasculated admin... nearly useless. 
Without the ability of administrating the database at a low level adding 
indexes for tuning, optimizing cache and that sort of things, getting 
data from apache logs and various things to lock spammers without 
loading the system, without all these tasks a forum admin is, in facts, 
not a forum admin but just a figurine... beautiful in a glass case if in 
line with adornment ^^

But useless... or nearly. Well not totally... can still promote 
moderators or do moderations tasks as a "supermoderator" if in need of 
flattering image... once a while add a forum or tweak a few things 
(missing privileges, tweak thresholds or various subtle parameters).

But such a half-admin used this way gives 5% of what he could bring to 
the community through the forums.

>   - we don't touch to user-defined groups by default (although I'm not
> sure Packagers/Sysadmins ones are really needed/used - they are not in
> sync either - but this should be dealt with future forum)
They could be of great use... i wont explain again why and how.

>   - we use the Administrators group to manage who gets to fully manage
> the forums (there's an extra higher level for that, but not accessible
> to anyone at this time). Sysadmin members are members of this group.
> I'm reviewing the steps to do that (I will most likely kill the
> Sysadmins group and copy the forums users from the LDAP sysadmin group
> into this Administrators group).
Well really that will not change the face of the world. The 2 groups 
were separated because some sysadmins seemed so unwilling to deal with 
forums that having the 2 could allow to have some shown as sysadmin to 
anwser sysadmin things without having forum-admin privileges.

But if nobody cares you can simplify. Nothing will change in the world 
but you'll have removed a group in the footer of the forum.

>   - this is for forums.mageia.org/en/ ; forums.mageia.org/de/ should be
> managed in the same way, but we need someone to relay the discussion
> in German.
> Comments?
> r.
Oliver already answered about that.

Just one comment : You could ask me for that change (You could try just 
for the fun of it on irc: maat on freenode)... it would be done in 
seconds without side effect. You could even ask for LDAP sync or perhaps 
one or two more things who knows ?


Life is magic... at least it would be if...

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