[Mageia-sysadm] [forums-discuss] Re: updating sysadmin privileges in forum config

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 26 08:58:24 CEST 2012

2012/3/25 Maarten Vanraes <alien at rmail.be>:
> Op zondag 25 maart 2012 17:49:27 schreef Wolfgang Bornath:
> [...]
>> But there were no Mageia packages available nor were they installed. I
>> don't know why this was not discussed before forums were implemented
>> (or was it?) but that's not the issue now. As I understand the current
>> situation there are only 2 options:
>>  - pack a package, remove the installed system and install the package
>> (including language packages) and transfer the databases or
>>  - go on with the current system and find a better workflow to react
>> to upstream updates and customizing requests.
> I think it's been discussed to death really, but i can be wrong.
> well maybe that's true, but is this something to be focussed on at this very
> moment? imho it can likely wait until after mga2 (unless pending security
> updates)

We were not talking about a simple software package for the
distribution (although this is certainly an option). We were talking
about the Mageia forums and what to do with the needed update to the
forum software, and, yes, the 2 official updates of phpBB3 which we
missed include several security fixes.


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