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Marja van Waes marja11 at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 14 07:43:52 CEST 2012

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On 14/10/2012 05:09, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
> Today otto, the founder of Mageia Brazil, sent the forwarded
> message to me. As I am not in any position to help in this
> emergency I am forwarding the message to you. Unfortunately I do
> not know otto's mail address (he's only in the forum).
> Forwarded message:
> Dear wobo, We need your help as prompt you can.We need a new  place
> to host the forum mageia Br urgently. otherwise, I cannot support
> Mageia there anylonger. The company wich has been helping cannot
> support me anymore. could you help me to host Brazil in a new
> server Mageia? I've heard mageia is hosting Mageia Germany .Could
> stand us for awhile? excuse me bothering you but the situation is
> difficult at the moment to the point of having to terminate the
> mageia support Br, if not resolve this serious problem because the
> navigation is getting hard and posting blossom slowly. The mageia
> Brazil is an official forum that is growing a lot, but we have very
> little support. Our forum is here in index.php, but we are in need
> of urgent help. The situation is delicate and requires urgent this
> new server upgrade. Stop the support in Brazil would not be very
> cool. In addition to having a forum located here index.php. We have
> a portal, wiki (the wiki is a true Mageia manual), news in the
> http://www.mageiabr.org/is a community distro Mageia of debian type
> and has no money of its own and survives on donations. In the case
> of Brazil, I have kept myself with some help from company 4host,
> but who can no longer help with new server upgrade. The Mageia
> Brazil is hosted at 4host dividing space with PCLinuxOS Brazil.
> Only that the server is overloaded and is not coping anymore.This
> is the reason for the slowness of the entire forum mageia Br is
> because the mageia Br and Br PCLinuxOS are on the same server and
> we would need an upgrade, but how? If we don't have money. And how 
> to afford this expense. see the response from 4host regarding the 
> slowness of the forum: Quote: "The server where this this forum and
> the pclinuxos this overloaded.
> Have to put them on separate servers. But at the moment I have no 
> money for that.
> While not making the upgrade will be slow don't have much what to
> do.
> abs. "
> mageia today Brazil is experiencing a slowdown in Forum and
> requires a server only for him. The mageia Brazil is currently
> dividing the server with PCLinuxOS Brazil. And we need this urgent
> upgrade to maintain the good quality of our services. Can be a
> well-configured VPS or dedicated. Both supply the need, but we do
> not have conditions to bear such expenses to maintain a new server
> for the Mageia Br. Or keep a backup of the server that is around r
> $ 100,00 (one hundred Reais) per month record Br that is valued at
> $ 30.00 per (thirty reais) per year or with a discount for 2
> years. Thank you for great strength in the opensource project in
> Brazil.
> Hugs. I'm looking forward to hear from you.
> Thanks a lot. Best Regards. Otto Sá (Mageia Brazil founder)

Thanks Wobo,

Maât has received a similar message from Otto, I received a similar
one from Creto. Maat replied he'd be glad to help and asked Otto for
permission to forward Otto's message to council and board.

I didn't hear or see he received that permission, yet.

- From the beginning Mageia has always been willing to host the forums
of local Mageia communities, so I guess everybody would be happy to
welcome the Brazilian forums :)

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