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Marja van Waes marja11 at xs4all.nl
Sun Oct 14 20:58:11 CEST 2012

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Hi Otto,

To be honest, I do not know what is needed to move the Brazilian forum
to a Mageia server, but I'll cc some mailing lists (forums and
sysadmin, like wobo did, and council to). Sysadmin team and Maât will
know better than me, and, if I'm not mistaken, council needs to
decide. Council meetings are usually on Monday evening.

About the wiki: there are people working on making more languages
possible, the Mageia wiki was intended to support multiple languages.
I'll cc obgr_seneca who can tell you more about it.

There is no danger of data getting lost if the Brazilian forum isn't
moved within a few days, is there?

Is it possible for you to reply to the forums-discuss ml? You need to
subscribe to it first:



On 14/10/2012 19:05, Otto wrote:
> Dear marja, Thanks a lot for the help.  Dear , What else
> information you need to migrate the Mageia Brazil now to the Mageia
> dedicated server? I can get in touch with the Mageia Brazil 
> webmaster in order to collect more information you need.I also
> intend to migrate the Mageia Brazil wiki because is very handful.
> Is that possible? For the reason the Mageia Br wiki it's almost a
> Mageia manual in portuguese. If you want to meet it. Come to drop
> in on at http://wiki.mageiabr.org/ I appreciate your assistance
> because we can't stop the Mageia Brazil now.The Mageia brazil is
> spreading a lot with the Mageia and supporting the brazilian Mageia
> users.In Brazil the users, most of them, they don't speak english. 
> I'm looking forward to hear you. Cheers. Otto Sá.
> 2012/10/14 Marja van Waes <marja11 at xs4all.nl>
> On 14/10/2012 05:09, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
>>>> Today otto, the founder of Mageia Brazil, sent the forwarded 
>>>> message to me. As I am not in any position to help in this 
>>>> emergency I am forwarding the message to you. Unfortunately I
>>>> do not know otto's mail address (he's only in the forum).
>>>> Forwarded message:
>>>> Dear wobo, We need your help as prompt you can.We need a new
>>>> place to host the forum mageia Br urgently. otherwise, I
>>>> cannot support Mageia there anylonger. The company wich has
>>>> been helping cannot support me anymore. could you help me to
>>>> host Brazil in a new server Mageia? I've heard mageia is
>>>> hosting Mageia Germany .Could stand us for awhile? excuse me
>>>> bothering you but the situation is difficult at the moment to
>>>> the point of having to terminate the mageia support Br, if
>>>> not resolve this serious problem because the navigation is
>>>> getting hard and posting blossom slowly. The mageia Brazil is
>>>> an official forum that is growing a lot, but we have very 
>>>> little support. Our forum is here in index.php, but we are in
>>>> need of urgent help. The situation is delicate and requires
>>>> urgent this new server upgrade. Stop the support in Brazil
>>>> would not be very cool. In addition to having a forum located
>>>> here index.php. We have a portal, wiki (the wiki is a true
>>>> Mageia manual), news in the http://www.mageiabr.org/is a
>>>> community distro Mageia of debian type and has no money of
>>>> its own and survives on donations. In the case of Brazil, I
>>>> have kept myself with some help from company 4host, but who
>>>> can no longer help with new server upgrade. The Mageia Brazil
>>>> is hosted at 4host dividing space with PCLinuxOS Brazil. Only
>>>> that the server is overloaded and is not coping anymore.This 
>>>> is the reason for the slowness of the entire forum mageia Br
>>>> is because the mageia Br and Br PCLinuxOS are on the same
>>>> server and we would need an upgrade, but how? If we don't
>>>> have money. And how to afford this expense. see the response
>>>> from 4host regarding the slowness of the forum: Quote: "The
>>>> server where this this forum and the pclinuxos this
>>>> overloaded.
>>>> Have to put them on separate servers. But at the moment I
>>>> have no money for that.
>>>> While not making the upgrade will be slow don't have much
>>>> what to do.
>>>> abs. "
>>>> mageia today Brazil is experiencing a slowdown in Forum and 
>>>> requires a server only for him. The mageia Brazil is
>>>> currently dividing the server with PCLinuxOS Brazil. And we
>>>> need this urgent upgrade to maintain the good quality of our
>>>> services. Can be a well-configured VPS or dedicated. Both
>>>> supply the need, but we do not have conditions to bear such
>>>> expenses to maintain a new server for the Mageia Br. Or keep
>>>> a backup of the server that is around r $ 100,00 (one hundred
>>>> Reais) per month record Br that is valued at $ 30.00 per
>>>> (thirty reais) per year or with a discount for 2 years. Thank
>>>> you for great strength in the opensource project in Brazil.
>>>> Hugs. I'm looking forward to hear from you.
>>>> Thanks a lot. Best Regards. Otto Sá (Mageia Brazil founder)
> Thanks Wobo,
> Maât has received a similar message from Otto, I received a
> similar one from Creto. Maat replied he'd be glad to help and asked
> Otto for permission to forward Otto's message

> From the beginning Mageia has always been willing to host the
> forums of local Mageia communities, so I guess everybody would be
> happy to welcome the Brazilian forums :)

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