[Mageia-sysadm] Avoiding Conflicts (All Teams)

Thomas Backlund tmb at mageia.org
Mon Oct 29 22:12:37 CET 2012

You may be aware that there have been some inter-personal issues,
which have resulted in two prominent Mageia contributors suspending
their contributions to our community for an unknown period.

We wish to remind members of all teams of the following steps to try
and prevent disputes getting out of hand.

1. Please review the  "Code of Conduct"


  In addition, please keep in mind, that with text only communications,
emotions such
  as sarcasm, or humour, do not always carry across their intended meaning.
  Please be careful in how things are worded, to avoid saying things
that might be interpreted as an insult or an attack.

  Always try to assume the other person has good intentions, and is
trying to help the project.

  Be aware that the person reading a message may not have the same
understanding of the grammar or syntax
  of the language it is written in (Often English is being written by
non-native speakers and may be understood quite differently by another
non-native speaker from a different region or country)

2. Please be aware that the Council and Board are always available
(Please ask your team leader for details) and can help to mediate in
the case of personal
  differences or team disputes. Please don't let issues reach a stage
where such mediation cannot help.

3  Team leaders should be constantly aware of the possiblity of
differences becoming an issue or a threat to the team and ultimately
to the success of our community and must inform the Council/Board if
they see a conflict developing.

4. Board members need to inform other board members of any conflict
arising, of progress and hopefully of resolution



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