[Mageia-sysadm] Need sysadm help to identify a build problem

Claire Revillet grenoya at zarb.org
Fri Sep 14 11:42:14 CEST 2012

Hello dear system administrators :)

One of my packages fail to pass the tests on the BS (it succed on my 
box, same arch).
The problem seemed to be with the multiprocessing module of Python. 
Whether the problem is really with the BS or not could be easy checked:
We just need to run `python -c "import multiprocessing as mp; 
mp.Pool(2)"` on the BS (x86_64 would be the best).
If it ends up correctly (no errors, no messages) i would have to search 
somewhere else.

I'm not sure i can't access the BS by myself (i'm quite sure I can, in 
fact) that's why i'm asking it here: could someone please do this test 
for me ?

Thanks in advance


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