[Mageia-sysadm] Clearifying questions

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Mon Sep 17 11:01:35 CEST 2012

On Sun, 16 Sep 2012, Joerg Stephan wrote:

> Good morning @All,
> i have some questions:
> 1. Who can grant me access to the systems?

We cannot give root access to the servers to anybody who asks. We need
to trust people who get root access, so we need to know them very well,
for a long time, and we need some proof that they will be helpful in
the team and that they know what they are doing, for instance by seeing
that they have made useful contributions to Mageia in the past.

However there are many areas where it's possible to help without having
root access. For instance :
- we need to find a solution so that email changed on
  identity.mageia.org is automatically changed on sympa mailing lists.
  This require making some changes to identity and/or sympa.
- we need to make mirrorlist redundant, for instance by allowing
  generation of static files by MGA::Mirrors, so that we can copy the
  files on a 2nd server, and changing urpmi to be able to use 2 servers
- we need to work on some tools to manage virtual machines creations /
  deletions by contributors on a server, to allow them to use test VMs
- there is a lot of bugfix or improvements to be made on build system

> 2. Do we have a Todo list? Where can i see current projects of the sysadm team.

Many bugs are assigned to sysadmin on bugzilla :

A few on the wiki :

And others that you can see by following discussions on mailing lists.

> 3. What is this: /usr/bin/ruby /usr/sbin/puppetd -o --no-daemonize -l syslog i mean, why does rruby start the puppetd (?!?)

Because puppet is written in ruby.

> 4. Are there ayn meetings scheduled?

Not at the moment, but we can schedule one if someone thinks there is
important topics to discuss.

> 5. Do we have a system description, like which server does what?

You can see that in puppet configuration.

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