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AL13N alien at rmail.be
Mon Sep 17 21:30:46 CEST 2012

at $dayjob, an intern is developing a virtcenter (under my guidance) (which 
likely will be released opensource), largely based on php-libvirt.

the idea is to be able to control multiple libvirtd servers (kvm/xen but i 
hear vmware should have some kind of libvirtd implementation too, (maybe only 
in their vcenter))

the intern is using this as his work and will show a demo of this around 

in a first stage features will be as follows:
 - ldap-group-based authentication
 - libvirtd servers listed in ldap (so that the authentication can be done per 
group on different servers)
 - start/pause/resume/stop/poweroff per vm
 - clone from templates
 - spice:// links for a locally installed spice-client
 - if time permits: delete
 - if time permits: livemigration

we are likely gonna be pushing this towards our clients, because the 
management tools we've seen so far: RH, Oracle, etc... are not adequate or 
horrible or completely bloated.

and this would enable us to put other stuff on clients machines rather than 
always vmware, which has some nasty bugs^Wfeatures.

so, if you can wait that long, it may be suited.


Op maandag 17 september 2012 14:01:51 schreef nicolas vigier:
> On Mon, 17 Sep 2012, Joerg Stephan wrote:
> > Hi there,
> > 
> > nice topics, all of them
> > 
> > 1. Topic: Virtual Machines
> > What do we use? xen/kwm/vmware? I already done automatic setups for xen
> > machines on our side. I could take a look. Could be hart whitout
> > accessing the machines.
> There is nothing at the moment, so no need to have access to servers to
> start developing tools to manage VMs (probably based on libvirt), or
> find existing tools that could do what we need.
> What we need :
> - a command to allow users, or group of users, to generate a new VM with
>   Mageia 1, 2, Cauldron, with their ssh key installed in the VM (the ssh
>   key stored in their ldap account), some port redirection to allow
>   them to connect with ssh, or vnc.
> - a command to list VMs and their status
> - a command to stop, start, delete a VM
> - limit the number of VMs someone can create (because we have limited
>   disk space on the server)
> > 2. Topic sympa emails
> > maybe we could maniulate the databases. For we use LDAP shouldnt be the
> > problem if both systems can interact. 
> > 
> > 3. On the Sysadmin side
> > Backups could be done via bacula. i could set that up. Would be easy to
> > integrate that in puppet for the clients. Needs talking about schedule
> > for incremental and full backups. And i would need access to a backup
> > server.
> We are already installing rsnapshot for backups.
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