[Mageia-sysadm] Packages-commits sending too many emails, cannot unsubscribe

Anssi Hannula anssi at mageia.org
Mon Jan 14 03:40:44 CET 2013

14.01.2013 04:24, Anssi Hannula kirjoitti:
> Hi!
> It seems gmail has started throttling my incoming email and sending back
> bounces due to too many incoming emails.
> I figured this must be due to the huge amount of markreleases on
> packages-commits lately due to the mass rebuild, each of the
> markreleases generating 4 emails.
> So I tried to unsubscribe temporarily and possibly resubscribe with a
> different email address. Unfortunately, https://ml.mageia.org/l/lists
> said that I'm not subscribed on packages-commits@ (among others) with my
> identity account.
> So I went directly to the list page, and tried to unsubscribe
> "anssi.hannula at iki.fi", and it said that no such subscriber exists.
> After that I tried to unsubscribe "anssi at mageia.org", but got HTTP 500
> Internal Server Error, and it seems I can no longer access even
> "https://ml.mageia.org/l/lists", I just get HTTP 500 every time.
> According to the email headers it is indeed "anssi.hannula at iki.fi" that
> is subscribed to the list, though.
> I also tried sending the unsubscribe email command, but it seemingly had
> no effect.

OK, it actually had an effect (slight delay with outgoing SMTP), but it
was not successful:

Command has been rejected:
> unsubscribe packages-commits
  you are not allowed to perform this action.

> Can someone with admin access please unsubscribe me from
> packages-commits@, or alternatively add a filter for the markrelease
> messages?

Anssi Hannula

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