[Mageia-webteam] Webteam Meeting, Dec 01 2010

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Tue Dec 28 19:35:47 CET 2010

Le mardi 28 décembre 2010 19:03:57, Romain d'Alverny a écrit :
> Woops, sorry, didn't notice your replies until now... :-/
> On Thu, Dec 2, 2010 at 18:37, Samuel Verschelde <stormi at laposte.net> wrote:
> > I set up a table on the wiki were we could put our preferred meeting
> > times, if you think that's a good idea :
> > http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=web#preferred_meeting_time
> Updated too. Actually, it's not clear, would it be for Wednesday
> still, or any day? or we should specify?

Good question. I'd say "for any day from monday to friday".

We could also add a preferred day, but it depends on the hour :)

My idea show its limits here.



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