[Mageia-webteam] Progress

Kosmas Chatzimichalis Kosmas at mach7x.com
Wed Dec 29 00:34:19 CET 2010

> I asked Marianne Lombard because she hosts our redmine instance. She said "no
> problem" :); so I created the project on redmine :
> http://mageia-app-db.tuxette.fr/projects/mageia-maint-db

Thanks Samuel, that's great.
Thanks to Marianne as well :-)

> Please register, then I'll give you project management rights for this
> project.
I did register with my user name kosmas

> If you want to link it to a source code repository :
> - either you already have one, and just give us the URL,
> - or create one on whatever forge you like,
> - or Marianne may setup one for you on the same server as redmine.
> She'll probably need a few days to cover that part of the configuration, though
> (not much free time).
> Do you connect to IRC, and with which nickname ? It will be easier to discuss
> in real time in order to fix the details.

As there was a discussion here about using gitorius, I'll try to set
up something there and give you the link.
If not I may ask you and Marianne to create one for me.
I'm in IRC with the nickname kosmas (like to keep things simple ;-) ).

Thanks again Samuel

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