[Mageia-webteam] Meeting today

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 12:10:09 CET 2010

Hi there,

a short reminder, we are supposed to meet at 14:00 UTC on
irc://irc.freenode.net/#mageia-web .

I may have a problem to get an access point at this time; so just in
case, misc will chair the meeting then. Anyway, I will be around for
sure a few hours later. Sorry for this last minute thing.

Apart from past week discussion points:
 * obgr_seneca will work on html/css for CatDap
 * rda will document app workflow on project page
 * open a "junior jobs" place to list easy tasks for people that want
to help but are not sure how/where to start
 * dmorgan takes care of the junior jobs list
 * list reasonably available ssl certificates providers/prices at hand
on http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=web:certificates (misc and
 * obgr_seneca, TMKCodes and rda will look into this wiki thing

(see "Actions items" here
), we do not have a fixed list of topics. Anyone willing to add?

As for myself, I'm late on CatDap workflow documentation and did not
start the mediawiki work with obgr_seneca and TMKCodes - will do this



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