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--- Comment #6 from andré blais <andre999mga at laposte.net> 2011-12-27 07:26:10 CET ---
(In reply to comment #5)
> in reply to comment #2
> to do correctely what you think, it needs that every user know which package
> causes the issue, ...

Indeed, in many cases a user doesn't know which package causes this issue.  But
part of the role of the bugsquad is to determine which package in such cases,
which they do very well.
And without determining the package involved, it isn't possible to resolve the

> in reply to comment #3
> we should simplify the user work, we shouldn't assume that user automatically
> searchs for dulpicates, it is a problem of the project contributors that can be

When the user doesn't find duplicates (which is very frequent), this is another
part of the role of the bugsquad.  Which I also think they do very well.

> in reply to comment #4
> i would avoid the corrispondence maintainer-bug resolver, even if in theory
> this assumption should be verified. it happens a lot of time that a maintainer
> of a package doesn't resolve the related issues, meanwhile if we select an
> active contributor as "hub" he can resolve himself the packages or managing and
> assign them to other contributors.

My variation on your idea only uses the rpm category of the package involved 
to connect to a list of parties to be cc'd.
Note that sometimes a problem can seem to be related to one factor (say sound),
but in fact is related to another factor in a required package, which is the
actual package to be corrected/changed.
So my variation automates your suggested process, without requiring a separate
field in bugzilla, and avoids a mistaken category.
Otherwise, unless I'm mistaken, there wouldn't be a lot of difference in what
is involved to implement it.
It doesn't depend at all on the reaction of the maintainer of the package.

In fact, I very much appreciate your idea, as without it I probably wouldn't
have thought of my variation, which I think could help better maintain
packages, particularly when the maintainer is slow to respond.  As well as
providing more support to unmaintained packages.

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