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Kosmas Chatzimichalis Kosmas at mach7x.com
Mon Jan 24 18:54:01 CET 2011

>And sorry for others ( especially for kosmas ), I would prefer to first
>see how it goes with 1 project before hosting more than one, so people
>will have to wait until that.

That's not a problem :-)
It can wait for a later date, as at the moment I'm fine using gitorious!

On 24 January 2011 17:14, Michael Scherer <misc at zarb.org> wrote:

> Le lundi 24 janvier 2011 à 11:20 +0000, Kosmas Chatzimichalis a écrit :
> > On 24 January 2011 09:41, Maât <maat-ml at vilarem.net> wrote:
> >
> > > Le 24/01/2011 10:18, Michael Scherer a écrit :
> > > > Hi,
> > > >
> > Wouldn't a similar integration needed for the maintainer's db?
> Yes.

Ok. That's great, thanks.

> > Would we need a different user name for the application, or we would have
> a
> > group that exists there and has admin permissions in the app?
> The login do not have write access to the ldap, it just here to connect
> to ldap,do the login ( like misc ) to ldap login mapping ( like
> uid=misc,ou=People,dc=mageia,dc=org ), and then test if the password is
> correct by binding to ldap using ldap login and the password.
> Now, if you need to store something to ldap, we can arrange something,
> but that would requires to change ACLs ( and I think that it is better
> to not use ldap to store this, for various reason like "ldap is more
> complex to manage than sql" )
> I was thinking along the lines, about permissions of who can edit/create
entries in the maintainers db?
So, if a user (maintainer with admin permissions?) has the necessary entry
in the ldap, then they should be able to change things in the maintainers
I don't think there will be a need to have write permissions to ldap, unless
we want to create maintainers in maint db app, and write that to the ldap.
I will send another email with a few questions about maint db later on.

> > I was going to ask about the integration options and how we are actually
> > need to get the data, so that was good timing :-)
> >
> > Should I be using the details mentioned in previous emails, for
> connecting
> > to the server and testing?
> I will mail you a account/password once I have created it on the ldap

OK. That's great thanks Michael.
Again I was thinking about a maintainer, that I should be doing a lookup in
ldap, but I could be testing that with my account I suppose.

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