[Mageia-webteam] Questions about the forum

Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Wed Mar 23 10:25:58 CET 2011

Le 23/03/2011 09:31, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
> 2011/3/23 Maât <maat-ml at vilarem.net>:
>> Le 23/03/2011 03:32, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
>>> Hmm, all these rights are moderator rights (closing threads, edit
>>> other people's posts, rename topics, move threads to other locations,
>>> etc. What do you have in mind, "sub-moderators"?
>> Yup... something like that
>> I want people to have a clear limit in mind between those who help and those who enforce rules
> Well, there's a very clear distinction: helping is done by everyone.
> Everything beyond help is moderator's role: closing threads, edit
> other people's posts if necessary, rename topics, etc. - and in the
> few rare cases also enforcing rules.
Nope in my mind helping can be done by everyone but helping responsability should go to a dedicated team with partial moderation abilities to take care of forum cleanliness (topics titles, statuses...)

But enforcing rules (banning, validating, warning) should not rely on their shoulders

>> phpbb3 allows such custom profiles definition in user rights and also in moderator rights
> I know, I spent some time with the rights system of phpbb3. :(
>> On a personal point of view, i'd preach $lang forums teams to speak with each other to share good practices :)
>> What won't be required or enforced. Just nice-to-have things :
>> -- That would be cool if we can manage to have similar structures (to some extent here also) so that multilang users feel at home everywhere.
>> -- What would be (perhaps ?) interesting to share : for people jumping from a forum to another it would be (perhaps ?) cool to share data about ip banning for example. And more generally sharing data about users that bring discord or behave in a reprehensible way...
> Then create a forum for all moderators&admins where they can share
> such information.

Yup brilliant idea :)

> At mandrivauser.de we have a hidden forum for the moderators where
> they can post such "user cases", giving links to the posts in
> question, documenting what they have done (sent a pm to the user,
> etc.) and sharing discussions about what to do in this or that case.
> Hidden it is because it's not advisable to discuss a single user in
> the open.

yup... agreed (i set up this moderation dedicated forum on each board i manage ^^)


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