[Mageia-webteam] Questions about the forum

Maât maat-ml at vilarem.net
Wed Mar 23 12:04:06 CET 2011

Le 23/03/2011 11:52, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
> 2011/3/23 Maât <maat-ml at vilarem.net>:
>> Le 23/03/2011 11:33, Wolfgang Bornath a écrit :
>>> 2011/3/23 Maât <maat-ml at vilarem.net>:
>>>> Nope in my mind helping can be done by everyone but helping responsability should go to a dedicated team with partial moderation abilities to take care of forum cleanliness (topics titles, statuses...)
>>> Ok, here we disagree.
>> I agree : we disagree :)
> Ok, with this out of the way .... :)
>>>> But enforcing rules (banning, validating, warning) should not rely on their shoulders
>>> Banning should be the very last action, so this should be done by the
>>> forum admin after discussion with the moderators.
>> Global Moderators can play this role... (IINM phpBB3 default roles are thought with that organization in mind)
> Hmm, so what is the role of the forum admin then in your picture?
> Actually I do not see any task for him left, except to watch over the
> moderators :)
Manage forums structure, coordinate moderators, help them if needed, ensure security, manage groups... and act as a Global Moderator if needed

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