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imho: 32bit and 64bit versions cannot be counted as different ISO for the
reasons of helping people choose.

imho, this could improve, by grouping the same ones for 32bit and 64bit
together. (and boot.iso doesn't really count), so imho: user choices are:
 * Free DVD installer
 * dual arch CD installer (only advanced users)
 * LiveCD KDE
 * LiveCD Gnome

for users, choosing between 32bit and 64bit is not really a choice...

that 64bit executable files and directories take a little more space is normal.
i guess if this is feasible that we should find some more packages to delete
from the liveCD. also, since the livecd doesn't contain all locales, perhaps
the 32bit one is too tight as well?

secondly, in mdv times in the past, some people had made a community version of
the 64bit liveCD, does anyone have any info on that and what _THEY_ removed to
make it fit?

thirdly, perhaps, one could make a dual arch liveDVD instead? (i donno if this
is what users would want though.)

if the problem is really space-constraints, then perhaps one could explain to
users that the 64bit version is only in LiveDVD format? (just a suggestion)

another option is to have ONLY a dual arch LiveDVD, that would effectively
decrease ISO production time and QA load...

but of course, the load on ISO production and QA is one the biggest problems,
which should be easily fixed:
 - ISO production => automatisation
 - QA => just find more people to test ISOs

of course, this give extra load to sysadmin team, and we're short on time

not an easy problem...

i gave some suggestions here... maybe the appropriate decision makers can
evaluate all the options and decide from there?

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