[Mageia-webteam] Mageia 1 release, some tasks

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Mon May 16 22:30:43 CEST 2011

Hi there,

during the LinuxTag exhibition in Berlin, Oliver (obgr) and me took
the time to briefly discuss what should be done for the RC and final

For RC, no big change on the Web site: we only remove the red warnings
and replace those with a RC-focused message. I leave it to anyone here
to write this message and submit it for inclusion.

For finale release... We have 15 days left and of course, this is very
short a frame for that. But we can do it focusing on the right thing.

 * NEED: a presentation section on the Web site, showcasing the
product - this section does not exist already, although you will find
equivalents all around the Web. Just look at some product page. Oliver
and me thought of a minimalist, focused layout with ~5 pages:
  - presentation home, main message being, "this is a Linux system for people"
  - focus page for users (what do they have useful for them in this,
what benefits)
  - focus page for developers (same)
  - focus page for contributors (same)
  - focus page for businesses (same)
  - focus page on technical specs, requirements

 * NEED: redesign the download section to which above section will
refer. For this, we need the final list of ISOs that will be provided,
as these influence quite a lot how we will present things.

 * NEED: redesign slightly the home page for the release day and the
following days. What will happen anyway on the home page:
   - project announcement content will be moved to a distinct page,
under the /about section
   - on release day, about only a page-wide home screen picture,
linking to the presentation page will be there + news references
   - on following days, usual news section + contacts will be re-added

 * NEED: message to spread (blog, forum, news sites, etc.) according to audience

 * NICE TO HAVE: a thank you page, for all contributors to this very release
   - needed: someone to mail all project list and collect name of
people that accept to be listed there
   - needed: someone (design) to propose a design to use these names
(default solution will be to have a special page listing everyone)

 * NICE TO HAVE: updated global navigation (top nav bar on www, that
should be spread later to other parts of the website). I know I posted
something about it months ago, but did not finish my mockups about it.
This is of course still open.

 * NICE TO HAVE: redesigned contribution how to page - from

 * finally, for each of the above things, we need someone in charge;
that means, someone that can take it, deliver a quick prototype,
implement it and provide for inclusion and translation within the
coming 15 days (and coordinate with who is needed for that). We might
post a bug for each of these to assign it to the person in charge.

As for the actual contents (precise info, screenshots), you (the one
taking this bit in charge) have to get in touch with packagers and
collaborate with them.

Additions, comments, advice, takers?



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