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Alternately, you could do what Puppy Linux does and have a configurable base
design package (called woof2), work out what kernel and appliaction packages
you want, download them automatically, build them, and then build a
distribution with the mageia packages that you want and come out with an iso
and dev.sfs. It all lives on your own workstation so you can 'play' with it to
your heart's content until you have it how you want it. It also means you can
build your own applications and inbuild them too see if they are what you want.

There are of course some serious differances between mageia and a Mage2 Puppy,
such as we run in root as were only involved with 'desktops' and do work on the
'smaller is better' idealogy.

We already have a mandrake/mageia Puppy clone called 'drake1' and i'm trying at
the moment to create a new 'mage2' Puppy clone. My old Development box had some
'soft ram' and I didn't know it was stuffing my later backups up until the box
died (naturally) so i'm starting again.
[url]http://www.lamiaworks.com.au/puppy_qt.html[/url] gives you an idea of
where I am at, although the Beta's are to be taken with a grain of salt as they
will be replaced! The Package lists give you an idea of what's in it from
mageia as well as what we keep as the puppy basics.

And yes I have built with the Opensuse Studio (my background was SuSE), but I
prefer a more hands on approach like that puppy uses.


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