[Mageia-webteam] Mailing list migration: this list is closing

Mageia Sysadmins sysadmin at group.mageia.org
Sun Apr 7 19:28:48 CEST 2013

When the Mageia project was started, it didn't have any server. Fortunatly
people from zarb.org proposed to host the basic project infrastructure
(mainly the website, wiki and mailing lists) until the project can have
its own servers. Mageia.Org now have a few servers since October 2010
(thanks to donations for the servers and Lost Oasis and Gandi for the
hosting), but until now the existing mailing lists hosted by zarb.org
had not been migrated to the Mageia mailing lists server. It is now time
to do it and close this mailing list.

This mailing list will be closed in coming hours and is now replaced by
atelier-discuss at ml.mageia.org.

The URL for the new list is :

You can find more details about mailing lists subscription and available
lists on this page :

The archives for the old mailing lists will be available on
http://archives.mageia.org/ (in a few days).

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