[Mageia-artwork] [RFC] Proposed logo guidelines

Olivier FAURAX olivier at faurax.fr
Wed Jan 5 21:51:00 CET 2011


We need to find and discuss logo guidelines, and to see what we can
allow/disallow about the logo.
In this text, "logo" refer to the whole thing (cauldron, bubble,
"mageia" text). The "icon" is cauldron+bubble.

[logo, icon & text]
The logo can be used text-only, icon-only or text+icon with respect to
That is, you can't make the cauldron bigger if you don't make the text
bigger too, in the same proportion.
However, when the icon is not in the same graphic element, the
proportion might vary. For example, if you use the icon as the
background on a webpage and the text in the banner.

The icon shape must not be altered.
You can't remove bubbles, or replace them with something else (like
stars or kde wheels).
You can't change the cauldron shape to make it square or something else.
You can't change the place of the bubbles with respect to the cauldron.

The text shape must not be altered.
You can't change the police used.
You can't remove or replace a letter.

You can't fill the bubbles with the same colors of the bubbles border.

The colors of the bubbles must be the same (NOT SURE).
The colors of the cauldron+bubbles border must be the same (NOT SURE).
You must choose between several predefined color schemes for the logo
The colors of the letters must be the same (NOT SURE)
The colors of the letters must be from a predefined color scheme (NOT SURE)

Have a nice day
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