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Olivier FAURAX olivier at faurax.fr
Sat Jan 15 21:26:33 CET 2011

Le 15/01/2011 16:54, Guala a écrit :
> The FIFO: I depend on a translator to handle English.

No problem, it's not that bad.

> I'm starting my work with https://github.com/rdalverny/scripts and 
> the question are:
> Mandriva has its collection of icons in svg format? Why images
> downloaded with the rdalvernyscript'sare mostly from PNG. :(

SVG are then converted into PNGs

> What is mageia policy on the issue of format?

There was not an issue until you spotted it :)

> We create everything in SVG?
> I think that is what is needed, but better ask. ;)

> Does anyone know if there is some kind of coordination as each
> person is responsible for the adaptation of a set of icons based for
> example on the modules listed in the file modules_list.txt?


I'm the coordinator for icon replacement.
For 1st iteration, we don't have artistic guidelines.

We start with the icons from the component desktop-common-data.

For each icon, the preferred solution is to take one from KDE or GNOME
If still missing, you can do a basic icon yourself, but don't put too
much time in it, it will be re-replaced when the final marketing
guidelines will be published.

We replace the images with image in the same *format* and with same
*size*. If the size mismatch, cut or add some blank content.

Don't forget that the goal is to replace the icons, in a very short time.

What NOT to do:
- take an icon from the web (copyright problems)
- spend too much time replacing ONE icon (we must be quick for the 1st

Have a nice day
Olivier FAURAX, http://ofaurax.free.fr/
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