[Mageia-artwork] Task: icons/artwork replacement, process

Olivier FAURAX olivier at faurax.fr
Tue Jan 25 00:06:25 CET 2011

Le 20/01/2011 21:38, Romain d'Alverny a écrit :
> Most critical modules to clean are the huge ones:
>  * drakx (Olivier, still ok?)


The only non-replaced images are the languages where e.g. "English" is
written in an image. I doubt we can infringe copyright on such work.
Also, there has been some images in the documentation in drakfont. It's
diagram used to describe the internals of the program, and I don't know
exactly what to do with them.

All other stuff has been replaced by oxygen icons or (uglily) redrawn by

I won't be able to attend this week meeting....

Have a nice day
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