[Mageia-dev] Mirror tree structure

Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 22 02:07:53 CEST 2010

2010/10/22 Olivier Thauvin <nanardon at nanardon.zarb.org>:
> In fact we have no way to deny to someone to do a partial mirror. The
> question is from our point of view, do we encourage people to create
> non testable mirror or untrusted mirror (not update enough to ensure
> last security update get sync).
> It also make difficult the listing (eg having a gazillon of url for each
> distrib, which is the current problem of easyurpmi).

I think this is an easy one. Do it like it was done at Mandriva.
Define what a "valid" mirror is, then list only "valid" mirrors.
Besides that people can put up mirrors in any way they want and use
them in any way they want. They are just not listed as "official
mirrors of Mageia".
Same happened with our Mandriva mirror. I wouldn't mirror the /debug
branches, so I was told that my mirror was not official and it was
taken from the list. Everybody was happy, the maintainers of the list,
me, and all people who used my mirror (it was not crowded, even at
release time). A solution suitable for everybody.


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