[Mageia-dev] Suggestion-Locales management for One (or Live) Cd releases

atilla ontas tarakbumba at gmail.com
Mon Oct 25 11:16:19 CEST 2010

I don't know if this proposal is even mentioned before. It's hard to
catch in all these posts. I think the main probem with Mandriva One
releases was lack of space. It will still a problem for Mageia Live CD
releases. Also, it is very cofusing for Mandriva/Mageia newbies to
determine which iso image contains their native language support and
i'm sure it brings more effort to maintain so many one cd isos and
waste of server/mirror space.

I propose to implement an Ubuntu like, install time or in live
enviroment language packs installing. How this should work?

It is obvious which packages included in Live cd. When creating an iso
(draklive?) livecd creation tool strips all locale files except
english ones and create seperate packages per locale. These packages,
ie. mageia-one-kde4-locale-tr includes all locale files corresponding
with included apps/packages in mageia-one-kde4.iso.

When user boots with live cd (mageia-one?) a dialog appears and asks
which locale he/she would use with live environment. Then if it
detects internet connection, downloads this mageia-one specific
package (mageia-one-kde4-locale-tr.rpm for Turkish locale in
mageia-one-kde4) and adds tr locale /etc/rpm/macros file.

So, there will be only one live cd image on mirrors per DE, there will
be room for apps in live cd iso, people will not confused for
localized isos.

What do you think?

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