[Mageia-dev] First meeting summary and todo list

Anne nicolas ennael1 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 13:51:02 CET 2010

Hi there

First packagers meeting happened on last wednesday
logs). Here are the big lines:

- Attendees: we were about 25. In order to inform all people
registered on wiki, a mail will be sent to all list so that they can
be aware of all this. So you may receive it even if you were in
- Registration: you can now find a more complete registration table if
you wish to contribute as packagers in Mageia. For those already
registered please complete missing items so that we can organize as
well as possible coming work. See
- Internal organization: packagers meeting will happen every wednesday
at 20h UTC on #mageia-dev, it should be rather short (about 1/2h, not
more than 1h). Topics will have to be defined the day before the
latest. A longer meeting will be organized on first wednesday of each
month, dedicated to more strategic decisions. mageia-dev mailing-list
is the official one for packagers so we try to forward any general
topics to mageia-discuss mailing-list. See
- Packagers representatives: we will have to vote for 2
representatives for packagers. This will be done on a separate ML
- Becoming Mageia packager: people having Mandriva packager account
will get Mageia packager account as soon as build system is ready. Non
Mandriva packagers but having experience with RPM will be mentored as
a priority sot that they get their own account as soon as possible and
start mentoring also if they are ok. Beginners are welcome and can
already start to get familiar with RPM packaging, ask for help on
mailing-list or on IRC.
- Mentoring process: if you are interested in working on it, you can
join here (http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=packaging#writing_mentoring_process)
to help on writing Mageia mentoring process. Main goal is to make life
easier and formalize process to become Mageia official packager.
- Mageia packaging policies: we will start with Mandriva Linux
policies, no need to reinvent wheel. But we will take also this
opportunity to check existing one, clean it and maybe complete it or
add new one. See Shikamaru post about this
Contributers welcome !



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