[Mageia-dev] Audio Warning: New PulseAudio test release on the way....

Kira elegant.pegasus at gmail.com
Thu Aug 11 16:32:29 CEST 2011

在 Thu, 11 Aug 2011 21:39:34 +0800, Colin Guthrie  
<mageia at colin.guthr.ie>寫道:

> 'Twas brillig, and Kira at 11/08/11 14:22 did gyre and gimble:
>> In the new build, this problem is solved? I have voice back now.
> Actually yeah, I think the latest available package has this fix in  
> already.
> I've just submitted another build with some more fixes in. If you still
> have problems let me know, otherwise I'll assume all is well
> Col
It works just fine, thanks.

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