[Mageia-dev] Possible failure in our update process

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Thu Aug 18 18:03:00 CEST 2011

Le jeudi 18 août 2011 à 12:46 -0300, John Balcaen a écrit :
> Hello,
> I noticed a problem with our update process thanks to bug #2450 [1]
> Here we pushed a update to kipi-plugins package (due to a missing
> requires) but the update ends up in a totally broken installation for
> the end user which was not noticed by me (first in fault) & later by
> QA.
> Currently every package built for updates are done against
> core/release, core/updates and core/updates_testing, here when i
> pushed kipi-plugins update, KDE 4.6.5 was already available in
> core/updates_testing so as expected kipi-plugins get linked against
> KDE 4.6.5 & not against KDE 4.6.3 (available in core/release)
> Since most of actors of the QA are simply installing all packages from
> core/updates_testing  (like me) none of us noticed that it would break
>  without KDE 4.6.5 installed and when probably for first updates
> people are using a « fresh Mageia 1» , with several packages in
> updates_testing in the same moment we can't really expect them to
> removed or reinstall/restore a Mageia 1 for every package available in
> testing.
> A workaround (which could also ease work for QA people) would be to
> have some temporary repositories as suggested by bolkm on irc, it
> could be based on SRPM package name but for some project like KDE  it
> would need more hacks since RPMS needed to be builded in a specific
> order.
> The QA user will be able to simply add a new media (like
> urpmi.addmedia $mirror/core/updates_testing/packagetotest/ ) so it
> will be more easy to test a package & *only* this one.
> Another solution is to rebuild the package when moving in on
> core/updates_release but in that case the package tested by QA is of
> course not the same as the one available previously in testing.
> What do you think ?

I fail to understand, if kde 4.6.5 was a bugfix only of kde 4.6.3, then
what kind of change would break kipi ? 

If there is a ABI break, then it should not go to updates.

Michael Scherer

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