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Fri Aug 19 19:48:50 CEST 2011


On Tue, 16 Aug 2011 15:21:22 +0200
Anne nicolas <ennael at mageia.org> wrote:

> Hi there
> Back online. We are planning our next meeting for 24th of august, 19h
> UTC on #mageia-dev. In between we will work on some burning subjects
> (backports incis meetiluded) so that we can take final decisions
> during this meeting.
> As usual and as it's a long time we did not have any meeting, you can
> propose some topics to be added. We will need a review on current
> mentoring (André ?) and secteam (Stew ?).

Well, one thing that had bitten me twice is that with my ATI Radeon HD cards,
the Mageia installations from the dual CD were unusable on two computers
I tried due to the lack of the "radeon-firmware" package. After I installed
that package, and  rebuilt the initrds, then the problems were solved. Still,
it didn't look good at all.

Is this fact peculiar to the dual CD, and is better in the DVDs or do we not
use radeon-firmeware by default globally? I'd like this discussed in the next


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