[Mageia-dev] Planning next meeting

Sander Lepik sander.lepik at eesti.ee
Fri Aug 19 20:42:09 CEST 2011

16.08.2011 16:21, Anne nicolas kirjutas:
> Hi there
> Back online. We are planning our next meeting for 24th of august, 19h
> UTC on #mageia-dev. In between we will work on some burning subjects
> (backports incis meetiluded) so that we can take final decisions
> during this meeting.
> As usual and as it's a long time we did not have any meeting, you can
> propose some topics to be added. We will need a review on current
> mentoring (André ?) and secteam (Stew ?).
> Thanks for advance
> Cheers
Another topic proposal:
This is getting slightly out of hand.

First there is some fixing to do (for example: "horde-prefs found in incorrect media
core.x86_64 (allowed core.i586)" - a lot of such errors, who's gonna fix them?)
Secondly there was proposal not to allow in those packages that have unmet requires (for
example awn-amarok-minsec which needs avant-window-navigator). If the package can't be used
there is no reason to submit it or allow it in the repos.


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