[Mageia-dev] %{foo} vs. %foo

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Mon Aug 22 00:16:24 CEST 2011


Theres been a private discussion regarding the macro correct layout, if
%{foo} or %foo.

This rised when in the wiki page
http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=kde4_packaging_policy i changed the spec
layout from %foo into %{foo} to be as a reference point, in wich mikala has
reverted back to %foo, and this discussion has taken other porportions so i
would like your opinions regarding this.

I have pointed that for a wiki page should be proper to use %{...} to avoid
doubts specially in beginners minds, since in some situations we need really
to use the {} delimitations.
In wich its recommendation its focused in this cute PDF from redhat website:


Im not refering that now we should use only %{...}, that usage can be
handled from the user prespective (for example in my specs locally i
generally dont use delimitations), some like others dont.

As we also see in rpm macros document
http://www.rpm.org/wiki/PackagerDocs/Macros that we can use both, but in all
rpm docs and config files the common usage its with delimitations.

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