[Mageia-dev] Proposal: Deprecate draknetcenter+network init scripts after systemd becomes default.

Thierry Vignaud thierry.vignaud at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 15:34:19 CEST 2011

On 23 August 2011 10:55, Colin Guthrie <mageia at colin.guthr.ie> wrote:
>> err... drakx-net's code is heavily used by other tools such as:
>> - drakx-installer
>> - mgaonline
>> - ...
>> So I think we still want to keep drakx-net
> Perhaps, but then a more interesting question is "what bits of drakx-net
> are used in mgaonline and drax-installer?" Just stating that they are
> used there as a reason to keep it isn't really a good argument IMO.

drakx-installer uses most of interesting bits of drakx-net (ake network
detection & set up, ...)

> Asbestos is used in fire retardant wall insulation, but it's not a good
> argument to keep it considering the world has moved on and we now know
> the dangers of working with that material.

OK, give me the NM patches for the installer :-)
Seriously, without trolling, we just cannot drop drakx-net until we got
something else for the installer.
Dunno what does anaconda these days btw?

> So what does mgaonline need to work with drakx-net? Does it just need to
> know if you are online or not? If so why not use NM's dbus service to do
> that? It could eventually know whether you are on a paid/metered
> connection (this is not yet supported by NM but there has been some talk
> about it) or a "free" connection - a fast vs. slow connection etc. It
> could make intelligent, informed decisions, not just "is the user online
> - no matter how crappily?"

mgaonline has less needs, basically detecting network connectivity
but those are shared with the installer, so even if the lower level
part would change, there's no readon not to have a common perl
layer hiding the low level bits instead of making both interfaces NM

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