[Mageia-dev] Proposal: Deprecate draknetcenter+network init scripts after systemd becomes default.

Colin Guthrie mageia at colin.guthr.ie
Tue Aug 23 15:37:03 CEST 2011

'Twas brillig, and Thierry Vignaud at 23/08/11 14:28 did gyre and gimble:
> What's more gaining 20s on a server when the IBM uefi/firmware take *minutes* to
> setup the machine is worthless.

Agreed, but I've addressed why other features make systemd a *much* more
attractive option on the server in my previous reply so I won't repeat
it here. People suggesting that systemd is purely about boot speed and
ignoring all the other things mean they've either not researched the
topic they are discussing or are deliberately using irrelevant
"benefits" for a given area of discussion to suggest that it doesn't
help at all in that area. I prefer to talk about things contextually. I
also don't really care about boot speed on the server, but that's not
the point.

> On the server side, we still manage RHEL networking through old style
> ifcfg* config files

I suspect something similar will still be the case even in the near
future, but said script files will be much simpler and more standard
(ultimately ini syntax, rather than shell syntax) and the tools that
interpret those static configurations will also become much simpler (no
more masses of shell script glueing together a myriad of binaries).

I don't know the full details of how this will look yet, but I am at no
point suggesting that network manager itself will be used on the server.
All I'm saying is that things will be changing in both cases.



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