[Mageia-dev] [RPM] cauldron core/release firefox-ext-add-on-compatibility-reporter-0.9-1.mga2

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Fri Aug 26 21:19:24 CEST 2011

Florian Hubold a écrit :
> Am 26.08.2011 09:50, schrieb Sander Lepik:
>> 26.08.2011 10:27, Guillaume Rousse kirjutas:
>>> I don't see where it is stated than firefox can't get updated until
>>> all extensions in the distributions work with it.
>> I would call it a regression that shouldn't pass QA. One day your ads
>> ands scripts are blocked and the other day they are not. Great user
>> experience..
>>> The large advantage of packaged extensions is that they are managed
>>> by sysadmins, instead of users, which makes a difference when they
>>> are different people.
>> And even larger disadvantage comes in when they are not updated.
>> Contain memory leaks and so on. The biggest problem here is that the
>> packager who imported those addons is not keeping them up-to-date.
>> Sysadmin can copy those extensions into place anyway. Then it's up to
>> him/her to keep them up-to-date. Currently we have to take care of
>> that and we don't (or if anyone wants to claim that we do then we do
>> it really poorly as there are already newer versions of addons that
>> got pushed with latest update).
>> --
>> Sander
> Well, as there are mostly no bigger changes like in %files, can't an
> update of those addons
> be scripted or automated halfway? So someone just needs to push this
> prior to a Firefox update?
> Not saying i have an opinion pro or against packaged addons, but it is
> really a nuisance
> as those who do the Firefox update also need to update all those addons,
> which is unfair,
> seems to me if it's not the importer/maintainer of those addons who does
> the update.
I don't know how mageia-packaged firefox has changed things, but official ff 
now automatically accepts any extensions that are compatible, updating their 
version compatibility, and disables those using statements no longer 
compatible.  For individual users, this should be more than adequate, since the 
extension manager can be used to update extensions as necessary.  (As well as 
automatic notification.  I would recommend that most ordinary users rely on 
ff's buildin extension manager, unless they are maintaining more than 1 computer.

Although I often forget about it, the case where administrators manage software 
installation, and not ordinary users, updates are somewhat different -- but sys 
admins would be able to deal with it (by downloading the extension and 
installing locally) whenever the extension package is not yet available.  So 
although it may be inconvenient, missing extension packages is not a blocker.
Note that it would be preferable that we package ff so that compatible 
extensions are automatically updated, if possible.  (Maybe that is already the 
If ff is so packaged, packaging extensions becomes less urgent.

BTW, I would suggest that packaged extensions contain a note that recommends 
that ordinary users use ff's buildin extension manager to install extensions.
Note that ff extensions will now normally install in seamonkey (iceape) as well.

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