[Mageia-dev] ARM 3D support was Re: [fedora-arm] ARM summit at Plumbers 2011

omalleys at msu.edu omalleys at msu.edu
Tue Aug 23 20:01:43 CEST 2011

Quoting Gordan Bobic <gordan at bobich.net>:
>  Unfortunately there is no way I could make it, but on the subject of 3D
>  support on ARM, Luke recently mentioned something that initially seemed
>  outlandish but upon closer examination doesn't seem like a bad idea. As
>  we all know, the state of openness of specifications of commonly used
>  ARM 3D GPUs is at best dire. What has been proposed is a bit radical,
>  but it doesn't actually seem that implausible. Specifically, combining
>  Open Graphics Project (http://wiki.opengraphics.org/tiki-index.php) and
>  the xilinx zynq-7000 or similar (dual core Cortex A9 + FPGA). The idea
>  is to have an OGP GPU in firmware in FPGA. In terms of the power budget,
>  it seems to work relatively sanely considering what it is, and it is as
>  ideal as it gets as far as openness and flexibility goes.
>  I just thought it's worthy of a mention.

It does seem outlandish, but it is kind of cool. Is it going to give  
enough 3d speed? The next gen tegra is supposed to have a 24 core GPU.

It is probably more sane then my idea of just having a test suite from  
digital video out -> digital video receiver/capture card to get known  
test results. Then you could set up a hinted genetic algorithm based  
on a comparison. It would only work with digital video signals though.

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