[Mageia-dev] x11-server 1.11.0

Thierry Vignaud thierry.vignaud at gmail.com
Tue Aug 30 16:14:09 CEST 2011

On 30 August 2011 14:58, Michael Scherer <misc at zarb.org> wrote:
>> Just for reference, I've update to x11-server locally. I've thus
>> migrated the patches and such, so no need for it to be done again, just
>> ping me!
>> As for submitting it, I've only tested the intel, synaptics and evdev
>> drivers (working fine as I type).
>> I'm happy to submit things, but this will require rebuilds of quite a
>> lot of packages and will likely cause some issues with proprietary
>> drivers too.
> Death to nvidia blob,
> ( ie, submit now )

err I've refrained to update to 1.11.0 b/c of that, waitint to know
if nvidia/amd will be supporting the new ABI.
as ubuntu isn't swithcing to 1.11.0, I fear AMD won't support
the new ABI...

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