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Wed Aug 31 23:27:26 CEST 2011

2011/8/30 John Balcaen <mikala at mageia.org>:
> 2011/8/29 Zé <mmodem00 at gmail.com>:
>>> [...]
>> Yes the commit coment was incorrect, what i wanted to say was this:
>> - set requires in devel package to version like hapens for restant packages
>> Since all soprano packages have requires to version (except the devel
>> package), i just put the devel requires also to version, that way we
>> had soprano requires only to version.
>> See if we were really acting as a team then i would replade restant
>> soprano packages to have requires to release instead changing then to
>> version, but you with dmorgan have put me simply apart, so how could
>> you expect me to do things other way if you with dmorgan have simply
>> alienated me.
> Because it's to difficult to ask before doing changes ?

>From the last things you with dmorgan said and did this was also to
see to what point you would go.

The changes i made in kdelibs, that binaries in kde are only for
development so i moved them to devel package and were reverted.
Like dmorgan said all coomits i do even if were good commits would be
reverted if not reviewed by you, that was some he just invented and
that i never agreed.
And as we agreed, only important changes should be discussed like it
happened with the improvemenet i was planing to do to Qt.

>> You were also who started doing all by own way, you didnt discuss with
>> me anychanges, for example the changes you made in wiki.
>> For example you add severall items to Golds section without discussing
>> any, they should be first added as proposals so that could be first
>> discussed in a meeing.
> Because thoses changes/proposal where *already* decided *before* you even
> come to KDE, i simply wrote them down.
> Of course that does not mean that we won't change the goal after, it is not like
> it was written in the stone... it's a *wiki*...

Thats not quite true, since for example i suggested that the lib
packages could start being named only with a underscore instead
dashes, and you acted like that was already decided, seams you were
the only one who decided.

>> But for you theres no kde team, since you just do what it pleases you.
>> But now you should be even more pleased since now dmorgan in the kde
>> packaging policy wiki page have put that now in a PENDING status.
>> I know very well from where comes all that dmorgan animosityagainst
>> me, mem and dmorgan is the past have already had divergencies, so let
>> you know that this simply dodnt appear out of the blue, there are a
>> history regarding dmorgan and me.
> I don't care at all about animosity between you and dmorgan, stricly no...
>> Before dmorgan appear we were going ok, of course we had some
>> discussions but thats normal, but its not normal that without any
>> proper reason dmorgan did talked to me with some "tone" and
>> "aggressiveness".
> You should double check how you're talking on irc before saying that.
>> You even said that i would be happy if you left Mageia, and like i
>> answered in other thread you were too far from the truth, you are a
>> person that are always contributing, that put much effort to help
>> Mageia, and no one in his perfect mind would think was good to put
>> away some person with those capabilities.
>> Some of my latest commits were correct and simple (for eexamplein
>> kdelibs4), and they were reverted by dmorgan based in a rule that he
>> created, and that rule was simply put by him, without any discusion,
>> no one were asked about and i never agreed with it, he simply said
>> "and now i take my sysadmin hat..." and did it.
>> So from that point what would be the purpose to discuss any with you
>> since no one can diverge from you, when that happens dmorgan appears
>> and "takes his sysadmin hat..." and rises his tone saying i cant do
>> this or that.
>> Seamsn now you and dmorgan own kde.
> Ok so maybe you can stop a little bit your paranoïa...
> I asked dmorgan to reverse your previous commit because you did not ask
> anything neither show us a commit when you were supposed to do as i told
> you before but i guess you forgot this one (i did not do it personally because
> i'm was quite buzy but i guess i should have done it...)
> Here with your previous change i take the time to comment & ask for explanation
> because you again did not ask & decided what was better from *your*
> point of view.

This i have commented in the begining of this message.

>> Your behaviour has changed mainly from the day that misc attacked me
>> without knowing all facts, so from that point all that was being done
>> as team SIMPLY didsappeared, and you didnt even said nothing about
>> what dmorgan did, saying that my commits should be reviewed all by
>> you, that is abusive, and if remember correctly untill that day we act
>> as a team, and you be havior from that changed and severall times you
>> rised your tone just like that for almost nothing.
> I'm sorry but my behaviour did not change at all... It's just because
> i had enough with
> your style aka « i'm going to propose something and if you're not
> agree i'll apply it anyway
> because i'm the older packager, i know how to do things etc etc ...»
> or « i'm going to commit
> some changes which is not important from my point of view so it's not
> for other » or « i'm going
> to commit something and *ask* after about this »
> You probably think that i was agree with you simply because i was
> agree with *some* of
> your suggestions that's all...
> I really don't remember also how we act as a team since you did not
> take your part of the job:
> i asked you to do a simple thing on the wiki ( add the members of the
> kde team on a specific
>  wiki page)  & suddendly you start changing without asking the
> kde_policy_packaging wiki page

I never acted like kde was mine, there were some commits i made in the
begining but i remember we did had a conversation and i start
discussing things, and as we agreeed discussing important things, as
for the rest i think is preferable to just not comment...

> I'm still waiting for your commit in soft regarding iaora_kde since June 12th...
> You're not doing correctly your job & then you complain that we're not
> acting as a team ?
> Also maybe you can start helping on bug fixing on mageia like for
> example Luc is doing ?
> I asked you to work on digikam2 initially but we spent too much time
> talking about libs package because
> you suddendly wanted to obsolete some kde libs because they were part
> of digikam SC and i was forced to
> ask neoclust & Gilles about this since you were not agree with me
> about the lib packaging because you had
> a better idea... and when we finally reached an agreement and you were
> supposed to provide a spec quite soon
> nothing happens..

And now you say, as we discussed, so we did in fact discussed things
and i didnt do any implementation without theres a consense.
And as i already repleyed in other threads (but again you take things,
you keep repeating yourself.), at that time i was too much busy with
my son probems and didnt had time to do nothing, but i remember i did
told you that.

>> I always wanted that we could all could get along with each other, of
>> course we would have some discussions (thats normal, and its from
>> discussions that development grows), and from that we would reach
>> agreements and consensus about what to do or follow.
> What with discussion if you're simply does not care about my opinion ?
> In fact you simply want to have a « leader » hat status ?

And again seams your putting words in my mouth, like i liked you to leave...

>> I think if we continued as a team without dmorgan interventions we
>> would continue in the right path for Mageia grow and stability.
> I would better say that it would be better *without* you until you're
> okay to discuss your changes
> before commiting them or *even* better as i said in a previous private
> email *TEST THEM* locally
> by building them in a iurt chroot (& yes i already sent you the
> documentation i used to create my
> iurt repository locally) instead of commiting & fixing build errors by
> submitting it in the BS.

Yes, i tend to agree that at that time you didnt had others
contributing or that could have a more active role and that always
never disagree of your ideas, and all was like you wanted, wrongly or
not. As i remember for example fixing severall things wrong in qt
spec, many existing requires(pre) when there wasnt any %pre section.

> So in summary please don't target anyone else when you're the culprit
> with your attitude.
> Again that does not mean that all your commits are wrong but sometimes
> you changed the behavior
> simply because you think it's better, for example recently you add a
> patch on kdeutils (
> http://svnweb.mageia.org/packages/cauldron/kdeutils4/current/SPECS/kdeutils4.spec?r1=128724&r2=134478
> ) to remove  a simple rm -rf in a spec.
> Is it wise to patch (& maintain a patch because i'm not sure you
> submitted it upstream) when we can simply remove thoses files in the
> spec ?

Yes, thats the correct way to build kdeutils without printer_applet,
not just removing files, but i think that patch will be submited

> Did we dicuss about this ? no because you probably think it's a better
> solution & it's a minor thing..

That was already done after you started with that behaviour, but i
also never see you discussing any change you made.
Thats true, you never discuss any change, at least i never saw it.

If theres a kde team, you and all kde members should discuss things,
and maybe reach some agreement about whats really important to
discuss, if dicuss all or just discuss more important changes, since
discussing all can also delays development.

>> And again i appeal that we can that we could have a meeting so that
>> all could be discussed and defined, so that now we should act as a
>> whole without any frictions.
>> Like i satated im not here to fight or bash no one, but to act as a
>> part of a whole.
> I'm really doubt about that point since from what i see so far because
> you're not
> following your own words..

I think this doesnt deserve a real comment.


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