[Mageia-dev] hplip 3.11.10 call for testing - feedback needed

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Sun Nov 6 21:04:11 CET 2011

> Well as you have the necessary packaging-fu, you could try to add the
> Fedora patches which we don't have to the ghostscript package of Mageia 1,
> as they have approx. the same version that we have, and they don't have
> that problem from what i know. Or simply try first with the cauldron
> package, that is the same version as the Fedora one and start from there.
> I could do too, but that would be a really lengthy process as i can't test
> it directly. You can get the patches and the SPEC for fedora ghostscript
> here: http://pkgs.fedoraproject.org/gitweb/?p=ghostscript.git;a=tree
I couldn't be able to build fedora packages, too many unresolved linker 
symbols, but I added two patches of theirs to our package, more because 
i think they are usefull, than to solve the HP issue. But again the colors 
are dareker, the result is better than in mageia 1 however. 

I will try to print in fedora, i should have a vm as well

If you want i can commit those changes anyway (they are upstream patches
if i understood correctly).

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