[Mageia-dev] Compiz 0.9.x (at last)

Balcaen John mikala at mageia.org
Mon Nov 7 03:12:57 CET 2011

Le dimanche 6 novembre 2011 20:52:02 Julien a écrit :
> Le Sun, 6 Nov 2011 15:38:36 +0100,
> Everything is compiled except compiz-fusion-plugins-extra which fail on BS
> with cryptic error. If someone has an idea. (It compiles locally without
> problem).
I do & fixed it.

In fact some plugins of compiz-fusion-plugins-extra requires in order to build 
some libraries available in compiz package (composite, opengl & scale) & 
others available in compiz-fusion-plugin-main ( text at least).
This is due to a missing requires available on the -devel package for compiz-
devel and compiz-fusion-plugins-main.
I fixed them on svn & push them again on core/updates_testing.

You did not encounter this error locally because you're probably not using a 
clean chroot to build this package. 

Balcaen John
Jabber-id: mikala at jabber.littleboboy.net

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