[Mageia-dev] [changelog] [RPM] cauldron core/release kdenlive-0.8.2-1.mga2

John Balcaen mikala at mageia.org
Mon Nov 7 14:26:01 CET 2011

2011/11/7 Michael Scherer <misc at zarb.org>:
> Then the question is "why did we ship a buggy software in our release".
Simply because it was shipped initially in Mandriva & someone request
it to be available in Mageia.
It's the same thing as calibre or chromium-browser i would say :p

> Did no one test the package to let important bug slip ?
Well i guess upstream did not too initially ;o)

> Or are the crashes not that important ?
I don't know if they are important or not, however when i'm reading
this changelog i feel culprit about not providing a update version for
a version shipped with so many bugs/corruption because i personally
won't be happy to loose hours of works on a video because of a

Of course we can also simply push it as backports but this is not
correct from my point of view.

Balcaen John
Jabber-id: mikala at jabber.littleboboy.net

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