[Mageia-dev] [RFC] move cairo-dock to tainted because of trademark/patent issues

nicolas vigier boklm at mars-attacks.org
Thu Nov 10 12:08:06 CET 2011

On Thu, 10 Nov 2011, blind Pete wrote:

> You guys *really* need to talk to a lawyer.  Then when you know 
> how things work you will be able to make sensible decisions.  

If you have anything interesting to say, just say it, no need to add
things like "You guys *really* need to talk to a lawyer". Especially
when the rest of you email shows that you don't actually have anything
useful to say that we already know. People interested in patents probably
already read this document (already posted on this list), which has much
more useful and accurate informations than your email (without the
condescending tone), prepared by real lawyers :

> > Yes, I do have one, I think we agreed that tainted was for enforced
> > patents, or those that would likely be enforced. While the definition is
> > fuzzy, I doubt that the patent will be enforced, mainly because it is
> > weak, 
> Patented?  That would stop me SELLING stuff, if someone has a valid 
> patent in my jurisdiction, but if I am not selling then all patents 
> are irrelevant.  Check this with a local professional!  

Maybe you should do what you say and talk to a lawyer. You don't need
to sell anything to be attacked for patent infringement, or inducing
infringement (according to the document from lawyers at the Software
Freedom Law Center). It's just that you are a more attractive target if
you're making a lot of money.

But the tainted repository is not here to protect Mageia, because Mageia
is distributing it anyway. The goal of the tainted repository is to help
mirror owners (which can be commercial companies) or users or people
selling stuff based on Mageia, who want to limit their legal risks by
avoiding the more risky software.

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