[Mageia-dev] Removal of non-free firmware from core section

andre999 andre999mga at laposte.net
Thu Nov 10 16:02:58 CET 2011

xi a écrit :
> Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
>> 2011/11/10 Frank Griffin <ftg at roadrunner.com>:
>>> On 11/10/2011 02:25 AM, Johnny A. Solbu wrote:
>>>> In other words, you would prefer to have non-free drivers to remain 
>>>> in the
>>>> "core" tree because otherwise some hardware may not work? (Did i 
>>>> understand
>>>> you correctly?)
>>> If we're going to have core and non-free to begin with, then 
>>> non-free stuff
>>> shouldn't be in core.  That being said, it isn't the problem here.  The
>>> problem is that non-free isn't as available as core.  It should be, 
>>> based on
>>> prompting the user during install.  Those who want a totally free 
>>> system
>>> that lacks non-free functionality just have to say no.
>>> If it makes a philosophical difference, then have no default and 
>>> require the
>>> user to explicitly answer yes or no, and get treated accordingly.  
>>> Putting
>>> non-free stuff in core is an attempted solution to the problem that 
>>> enabling
>>> and using non-free in an installed core-only system is much more 
>>> complicated
>>> than it ought to be.  By the time a user boots his installed system,
>>> non-free stuff should already be there if he wants it there.
>> By the time a user boots his installed system he either has the online
>> repositories already set (after install from liveCD) or is just a
>> mouse click away from setting them. When the online repos are set the
>> non-free repo is available if the user wants to have it.
> What about if I don't have internet access ?
> (Typically, in my company, we provided Mandriva DVD for customer with 
> no internet connection. There were able to get a working system 
> without any additional trick).
> Maybe I misunderstood the problem (if so, sorry) :
> If it is just a matter of asking to user whether or not he wants to 
> install non free firmware, then just go! But if the user with no 
> internet access is stuck because of firmware absence, then that's just 
> stupid!
> Xavier
free software is supposed to be about not taking away freedoms ...


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