[Mageia-dev] (second attempt) suggesting sectool be dropped

Robert M. Riches Jr. rm.riches at jacob21819.net
Tue Nov 15 07:09:24 CET 2011

(New list subscriber...needed to fix registered email address to post...)

I was asked to submit this suggestion to the mailing list:

As a Mageia user, I believe msec was much better off with_OUT_
sectool.  In its present state, sectool is BADLY broken.  It
whines for pages about file permissions that are exactly as they
should be.  It leaves two orphaned gpg-agent processes.  It
leaves at least three files or directories cluttering up /tmp.

I intend to remove sectool from my Mageia 1 system, forcibly if
necessary.  Until late October, msec functioned very nicely
without sectool.  On my system, I intend that msec will again
have that opportunity.  A one-line error message is vastly
preferable to multiple pages of sectool's whining and a need to
kill orphaned processes and delete orphaned files and/or

Thank you for considering this opinion.

Robert Riches

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