[Mageia-dev] BuildRequires and pkgconfig

jcc colette.jc at orange.fr
Wed Nov 16 10:52:21 CET 2011

On 16/11/2011 10:44, Guillaume Rousse wrote:
> Le 16/11/2011 00:11, jcc a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> I do not quite understand why with BuildRequires and Requires, it is
>> sometimes necessary to place a pkgconfig(any_lib) instead of simply
>> any_libin the spec file.
> If you have a dependency for any_lib, you'll only get the runtime part 
> of the lib. If you need to build something with the lib, you'll need 
> the buildtime part of the lib, which is generally isolated in the 
> -devel package. Hence the need for a build dependency of either 
> any_lib-devel (always present), or pkgconfig(any_lib), which is a 
> virtual package automatically generated by rpm if a pkgconfig file is 
> present.

I thank you for these explanations.

Sincerely, J.-C.
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